Amateur Photographers Wanted
** I am ALWAYS looking for friends and guests at our shows to take pictures and videos and send them to me!
I can do many things with my arms and legs and voice while performing.. but i haven’t figured out yet how to step out and takes pictures of me while i’m playing. Until Apple invents an app for that.. I need you to help make this blog fun by sending me pics and videos of the show. Contact Chance at

Electro-Jazz Piano Bar
Still hot off the summer wedding circuit, catch a rare public event featuring daredevil piano entertainer Chance Devlin on the keyboards and vocals and his new Ableton-enhanced electro-jazz performing rig.
Friday, October 28 · 8:30pm – 11:00pm / Waves Coffee 1019 17th Ave SW

Usual Performing Spots
Dueling Pianos at Bookers’ BBQ Grill & Crab Shack
316 3rd St. S.E. Calgary / Show Times: 9pm to 12am / 403-264-6419 /
CHANCE DEVLIN and HARVEY FLEMMING will have you laughing, singing and interacting with the music requested by you.

Waves Coffee 1019 17th Ave SW
Be ready for just about anything.  Daredevil piano entertainer Chance Devlin himself can’t even tell you what he’s going to do next.  Chance plays the keyboards and sings accompanied by his new Ableton-enhanced electro-jazz performing rig.

new spot! Central Bistro on Denman Street, Vancouver

Watch for more public dates soon.


2 thoughts on “Show Dates

  1. Do you (or would you) come to Lethbridge (southern Alberta) sometimes? We are interested in a fund raiser for our Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre sometime when you are in the area!
    Thanks, Jim,Hahn President

    1. Hi Jim, I am VERY sorry I have not been checking the messages on my website. Of course we would LOVE to come out to Lethbridge and play for you! Call or email me: or 403-604-5483. My apologies for the dreadful delay in responding.

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