Since 1998 I’ve been fortunate to entertain at some of the coolest social events in Western Canada.  As a professional “life of the party”, I have the best job!  Just give me a piano and a microphone and the party is on.  When I begin planning an event it all comes down to good song choices.  I want to know – what’s your song?

Over my colourful career I have provided solo piano, jazz trio, small dance band, dueling pianos, salsa band and full party orchestra.  We have played countless weddings, clubs and corporate events.  My favourite is always when I get to bring out a horn section.  Gives me the shivers!  But never call me just a piano player or musical director.  There’s an art and science I tap into to keep the party jumping.

Trio_Best_Curtain SM copy TRIM

There is a knack to elevating the spirits of the room.  It’s all about which songs you play when.

Most of my career can be recollected in songs.  I could tell you about the time Mr. T walked up to the piano with his hot first date and asked for “Strangers in the Night”.  I remember the groom who asked to hear “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden while he walked up.  What a kidder.  Oh and there was New Years Eve at the Banff Springs Hotel when the band blasted “You Can Leave Your Hat On” while the elegant Scotsmen and their kilts parted ways.

Celebrations define moments in our lives.  Song choices resonate on the level of the soul, and say a lot about what is important to us.  When you book me to play, I will want to know – What’s your song?


Knowing what song to play at the right time is my true secret power.  And I promise to use my powers for good.  The repertoire has to stay current.  It’s a moving target.  At one time I could not get through the night without getting several demands for “Gangnam Style”.  Have you ever had to learn a song in Korean?  And now clients make me promise I won’t play it.  Times change so quickly!

Get the songs right and the party is a hit.  Life is good and the guests go home happy.

Job one at Big Deal Entertainment is to bring you into the show – by playing your songs.

Bring the Big Band back!  Our 11-piece orchestra “The Distractions” has a full horn section and three lively young singers.  Not just oldies – we rock out on current Top 40s dance medleys.  You’ve never heard Rihanna, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars with our horn section.

The Distractions Party Orchestra – YouTube

And our “Rowdy Pianos” dueling piano show is an all-request interactive event.  Can I get a volunteer for this next song?  Get ready for a good time.. it could be you.

Rowdy Pianos – YouTube

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